Starwood - "If It Ainít Broke, Break It!"

By Revn Kevin for Entertainment Today

     My memory is a little foggy but I seem to remember a club called the Starwood and it was quite the place to be. Well the club went away but there is a new band with the same name and their music harkens back to the vibe that was present there. Starwood is a band whose mission it seems is to bring back good old slammin rock n roll with a dose of punk thrown in for good measure. Their new release "If It Ain't Broke, Break It" (available on Metal Blade Records) is a collection of 9 raucous rockers. The band members are Lizzy/vocals and rhythm guitar, Joe Steals/lead guitar, Marten Andersson/bass and Joey Scott on drums. These are some very familiar faces around the SoCal rock scene and their music if a familiar style of rock that we've come to know and love. From opening track "Subculture" on through to the closer "Bad Machine" you'll be tapping your toe and banging your head as you sing the soon to be familiar choruses. The band plays around the Southland a lot so venture over to and see what they're up to next.

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