Hear what the Critics are saying..


By: P. Johnson
-The Posten, Sweden-

The first and the second tracks are given openers, they go hand in hand, perfect!!! 3rd song "Tool" is terrific, following the ballad "Autumn Rising" (Lay me Down). The CD continues on with some heavy guitars in "Mission of Mercy" preceding the well played "Leave It Alone".

My only suggestion would have been to place the instrumental song "Astral Sundown" earlier instead of as a closing song, this is a very good song and would be much better served as the 6th track instead of 10th.
"Can't remember Love" and "My Last Sunrise" are rounding off this CD perfect, however, the ultimate ending song on this CD would be in my opinion the instrumental song "2.4.1."  That song leaves you with a happy positive feeling, it's the song that will put you in a great mood long after you are done listening to this CD!!
P. Johnson
-The Posten, Sweden-

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