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By Kay - Euphony Music News & Spin  City Magazine

Legacy is a band made up of 4 talented musicians. Singer Chris Roseberry, bassist, Marten Andersson, currently on tour with Metal Blade Recording Artist "Lizzy Borden", guitarist, Jonas Hansson; known for his work with the Swedish hardrock band "Silver Mountain" and drummer Stephan Emig.

Legacy featuring Marten Andersson

Legacy starts us out with "Troubleshooter" a song with all the hooks and riffs. "Underdog" treats us with, what I can only describe as a unforgettable funky frenzy of bass/guitar/drums working together in unison, not to mention the vocals are strong and loud. Very commercial friendly. "Tool" gives us a good taste of some double kicks. And of course what would a band in this vain be without the ballad "Thank You". All in all a very interesting CD to say the least.

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