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"Self Titled"
Chavis Records
Genera: Metal

Legacy features Marten Andersson who also plays bass for Metal Blade recording artist Lizzy Borden and guitarist Jonas Hansson a Roadrunner Records recording artist (Alcatraz, Silver Mountain and the Jonas Hansson Band).

There are so many great licks here that it will leave a blister on your stereo speakers! The songs are heavy, bluesy & aggressive in places and melodic in others.

The disc starts out with a killer tune called "Troubleshooter" that has an Iron Maiden feel, than carries the same pace until the 4th song "Autumn Rising", where the band shines I think. The song starts out slow and kicks in with a really strong 80's influenced chorus (see DOKKEN). Vocalist Chris Roseberry has a style similar to Tony Harnell (TNT), and guitarist Jones Is somewhere between Rickie Blackmore and Malmsteen in style. There are a few Instrumentals on the disc that show off the bands talents and a couple slower tunes but all in all the band rocks! The influences I hear are, Savatage & Rainbow
Favorite Songs: "Troubleshooter", "Autumn Rising" & "Mission Of Mercy"

Review By Kman -
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