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Legacy - Legacy
by Erin Fox,

Commercially viable hard rock music that combines 80’s style balladry with heavier themes inspired by the breakthrough era of thrash metal, Legacy are a musically sound act with a knack for penning catchy arena style material.

Stylistically, the group can be likened to heavier acts of this typesuch as Vinnie Vincent Invasion and Dokken. The dangerous strains of ‘Mission Of Mercy’ resonate with Hollywood rock attitudeas Jonas Hansson shreds along in fine fashion. ‘Tool’ evokes anearly Metallica feel during its heavier passages and an edgyperformance courtesy of vocalist Chris Roseberry. This song's lyricsand melodies are memorable and it breaks into a very cool thrash segment that introduces the ripping lead work of Hansson.

On ‘Leave It Alone’ the band settles into a laid back grove that’s abit like a restrained Sevendust. Soulful and sonically articulate, the song features a great hook and a rock solid performance from Roseberry. ‘Can’t Remember Love’ begins as a minimalist ballad focused squarely on the strong vocal performance of Roseberry, with acoustic accompaniment. The track forges ahead through a rangeof progressive rock melodies and guitar work that is skillful and rather powerful.

Overall, the band puts forth a vivid musical performance that is highlighted by their skillful songwriting abilities and impressive delivery. There are few bands today that capture the energy of the hard rock sound and execute it in such a proficient manner. Recommended for fans of guitar driven hard rock with powerful vocals. Visit Legacy at and find out about this fantastic band yourself!

Rating: 8/10

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