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30 Questions with Marten Andersson by Whiplash Rock Magazine - Brazil

- The first album you bought (rock / metal)
KISS - Alive 2
Iron Maiden - Piece of mind

- Your Top 5 rock / metal abums of all time
This is in no particular order.. a bunch of the Kiss albums, couple of MSG albums, Deep Purple - Burn and Live in Japan, Rainbow Rising, Motorhead - Ace of Spades
- The last album you bought (brief comments on it)
Nitewish (a Finnish Band). I saw the video which I thought was cool. The music in itself is great but the female vocals adds a totally different dimension to it. I hear this is the band Evanescence ripped off. 

- An album that changed your life (why?)
Alive 2 with Kiss, I knew I wanted to be a rock musician and a bass player after that.

- The album that you listened to more times in your life
Kiss, MSG, Rainbow, Deep Purple and many more.

- The better artwork for the frontcover of a disc
Iron Maiden - Killers

- An album that you would give to your biggest enemy
a Legacy CD, I would want my biggest enemy to spread the word about my horrible band. (haha)

- An album that you would like to have recorded
There is a million of them. The first MSG album and Assult Attack (MSG). It would be awesome to do something with Ritche Blackmore and Rob Zombie.

- Four bands that you would call for a festival
Kiss, Aerosmith, Priest and AC/DC

- A band that definitely should call it a day (c'mon, you know there's one and don't come with Britney Spears, she was the answer of 120078358723075702 musicians :o))
Who the fuck cares. There is a millon of them. I would say some of the grunge bands from the 90's but they are pretty much taking care of that problem on their own.

- Three bands that you'd like to see doing a reunion
MSG Assult attack album with Graham Bonnet on vocals

- An album of the 70's that you recommend
UFO - Strangers in the night

- An album of the 80's that you recommend
ZENO - Zenology

- An album of the 90's that you recommend

- Three metal anthems... (name of the songs and by who)
Lights Out (UFO)
Number of the Beast (Iron Maiden)
American Metal (Lizzy Borden)

- Besides your active projects, a band that you would like to be in sometime(in dreams, or for real, whatever!)
Would have been cool to have played with Elvis or Steve Ray Vaughn

- A band that you would like to see doing a great and very original cover version for a song of Lizzy Borden. How do you imagine it?
I want to hear Britney Spears or Christina Angulera sing American Metal, There Will be Blood Tonight or Rod of Iron. Would also be cool to hear a classical orchestra play Lizzy Borden Songs

- Six songs that you like to play most (4 Lizzy Borden, 2 Starwood and 1 Jeff Pilson)
There Will be Blood Tonight, American Metal, Rod of Iron, Council for the Caldron. What's Your Damage, Sub Culture, Breath and a Scream.

- A song that better define your career (lyrically or in instrumental terms...being yours or not)
Into The Arena with Schenker.

- A song you really like, but you can't understand why... it's horrible and you know that!
 I like a song or I don't like it.

- A thing you dislike in the metal scene
Other then the regular Bullshit, Un-professionalism and lack of money, the girls should be younger too (smile)

- A thing you like in metal scene
Metal fans are hardcore and faithful fans, gotta love that. It's awesome to be able to do your hobby and get paid for it.

- A band that is in the top of metal nowadays (can't mention Lizzy Borden or George Lynch or any other band you get involved with for obvious reasons :o)
Priest, Maiden, Black Label Society, Ozzy.

- The worst moment ever in your career
Falling through a hole on stage infront of packed venue, hitting the lead singer with my bass and knocking out his teeth.  Of course back in my younger days, playing a huge club infront of 10 people. It's not a good idea to play a show if there is more people on stage then there is in the audience.

- A bass player that definitely doesn't please you
There is a million of them. Cant think of anybody specific.

- Complete this sentence: "I'm so fan of this band, that I'd buy their tribute album to Kenny G"
Early MSG

- How was your weirdest encounter with a fan? (tell us a good history)
When a  fan fell over in my bedroom and my hair got stock in it... No Seriously, one is when Lizzy and I got approached by a fan who wanted us to f**k his wife while he would be watching.

- Time to choose... (give a brief comment on your choice - you must have a choice even if you like both)

 - if you don't like any of the mentioned tell say none and give brief comments as well)
* Russell Bergquist (Annihilator) or John Alderete (Racer X)
I dont know of Mr. Bergquist, John Alderete is a kick ass bass player

* Jeff Pilson (Dokken) or Doug Pinnick (King's X)
Both.. I guess from bassplayer stand point Doug, from a all around musician/songwriter/producer Jeff

* Andy Haas (Omen) or Schmier (Destruction)
I have heard of the bands but not more, so NONE.

- Sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll. Rock most famous quote. Do you see this just as a cliche or as a real thing that happens in rock 'n' roll and that you lived?
It's very true. Isn't that why people get into this biz?? I did the Sex and Rock N' Roll thing with beer and Jagermeister instead of drugs but whatever works for you. Get the porn stars back in the game again.

- A song that you'd like to be played in your funeral
Play me a medley of songs instead, give me some Maiden, Priest, MSG, Rainbow

- What would you like to write on your tombstone?
I did not fail. I just found 10,000 ways that didn't work.


- Is it true that...

* Lizzy Borden is the true proof LSD's (Lead Singer Disease) existence?
Come on guys, get it right. He is a funny fucker and a cool bro, he is character and an alien from another planet but who isen't.  I don't think he can decide between Stippers or porns stars but what is the difference right!?

* You cut your hair to try the Hansons gig?
No I was trying to get the Johnny Rzeznik (Note: singer from the goo goo dolls) stand in job and younger chicks.

* You have more problems playing poker with George Lynch than playing his songs?
I would never play poker with Lynch, you never know if he is serious or kidding around.

* You got more girls in the eighties than any Kiss member?
I like older women, preferably in wheel chairs.

- A really cool band to tour with and a terrible band to tour with
Cool band: Aerosmith. Not so cool: Limp Biscuit.

Do you think the fan is always interested in the success of their idols? Maybe when the idols get recognized, the fan feels like losing something that was very particular to himself, almost like losing an ownership? What's your opinion on that?

Sounds more like an ex girlfriend, they love the fact that you are in a band then when they got you hooked, they go, "Do you have to go to rehearsal tonight? Why can't you spend more time with me instead of playing" Dump those bitches haha. Nooo seriously, it's a very good question. I think it depends on if the band have been around for a while before they get their huge break (People used to say things of that nature about U2 and of course Metallica). This versus some new band/artists who you never heard of before and all of sudden is huge. I never hear fans of Spears or Aguilera complaining about selling out? I am sure they feel disappointed and like you mentioned, feel a loss of ownership. If you think they are selling out, listen to the old shit, don't buy the new CD's and realize it's not going to change at that point, the bands are to used to making a ton of cash, having their own airplanes, killer houses and sold out tours.

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