A police group that uses music to raise awareness for the families of first respondeners whom are killed outside the line of duty

Marten Andersson Drops A Bass Line With Fallen Blue

Bass player Marten Andersson Drops A Bass Line With Fallen Blue

Written by John Guarnieri

Fallen Blue recently sat down with our friend and longtime Lizzy Borden bass player, Marten Andersson. Marten is also known for his 7 years with George Lynch's Lynch Mob, in addition to the authoring of a successful music reference book and appearing in smaller TV/movie parts. Marten Andersson and the band Lizzy Borden are some of our first and biggest supporters, so it is always special to speak with one of their members.

1. How has you bass playing changed between playing with Lynch Mob and now Lizzy Borden?

I always think it's great playing different styles of music no matter what. I evolved tremendously as a musician and a performer having the opportunity playing with both bands and working with different styles of music. One day you eat Chinese the next Italian, both are great, just different. With LB the production is a big part of the show, which is always a ton of fun, it's like being part of a theater play every night. With Lynch it's more of being a great musician and create a great back up band for George and bring focus to what a great player he is.

2. What is it about Fallen Blue that compelled you to get involved?

There are a few reasons. When I was in 6th grade my buddy's dad was a police officer who got killed (it was an accident) and I saw the impact it had on his family, my friend was never the same again and I still have that memory in my head. I want people to really take a hard look, to think what police (and military) do for us, they are the first one on the scene, facing whatever danger and hostile situations without any hesitation. Think about what these people deal with, the possible demons they have to fight when they get off work and when they come home from a war and so forth. You think you have bad dreams!!?

3. What was the most ridiculous, and possibly embarrassing, costume you have worn on stage during a show?

Lynch once had this idea that we all do a show in weird animal costumes. I think my costume was going to be a frog or dog outfit, it didn't happen. I think we all sobered up the next day (laughter). Looking at pictures over the years, there is definitely some clothes that make me go, "what the hell was I thinking!". I recently gave all my old stage clothes (spandex pants and old flannel shirts) to charity, I hope there is someone in Haiti wearing them proudly. (Remember, the spandex pants go INSIDE the cowboy boots!)

4. I know you like to shoot various firearms, but what do you do in your free time?

I watch hockey, watch movies, eat good food, ride a harley and hang out with friends. Pretty normal life to be honest.

5. What is your favorite album cover, from any band, of all time and why?

That would be saying who is the hottest girl of all time (laughing) There's so many different ones that comes to mind. I dont know "of all time" but I have a very strong memory of being a kid sitting for hours looking at my Kiss albums, reading the lyrics and when I saw Gene's picture on the back of Alive II, wow! I was sold. They had the music, the stage show with the comic/horror feel that just captivated me.

6. What other charity work do you and the rest of Lizzy Borden partake in?

We had kids travel on our tour bus from the Make a Wish Foundation before, that was awesome. Everybody in LB has their own charities and causes that are special and equally important. However, it's safe to say, from all of us that it's a big honor to be part of the Fallen Blue organization. Personally, mainly because of my mom's struggle, cancer charity has always been close to my heart as well. The VH1 Save The Music Foundation is a great organization dedicated to restoring instrumental music education in America's public schools, and raising awareness about the importance of music as part of children's complete education. As long as the help, funding and resources are being distributed correctly to the people that need it, any charity is a good charity.

7. Lizzy Borden can go overseas and play to some large and amazing crowds but back in the U.S. it seems all classic bands from the 80 s struggle to find a new generation. What will it take to change that misconception, especially since the band sounds better than ever?

Thanks man! We got a great line up right now. Over the last 4 years we have played in almost 20 countries on some of the main stages of the biggest festivals. People having the Internet and access to social media sites gives us access to a world audience instantly. We are very active on Twitter and those type of outlets and we post videos from the road all the time, stuff like that definitely helps the exposure factor. However, the Internet makes people have an attention span of a gold fish so it's hard to keep a fan interested in your news and your events. I think a lot has to do that many of the 80's bands play in places where it's 21 and over and the bands go on at 1 am with 8 openers, that alone makes me not want to go out, unless its a band I want to see really bad. When we did the House of Blues tour 2 years ago (all ages with great promotion) there was a lot of what we see in Europe and South America, younger people and kids in the audience.

8. On a personal level, what does the song, 'Believe', on the album Deal With the Devil, mean to you?

Lizzy writes his lyrics so it has a different meaning for every person, which I really like. Deal With the Devil is a great record, a lot of great songs, it's unfortunate that, that cd didn't get more exposure around the world if you ask me. I hope that the label will remaster and reissue it at some point. From a playing standpoint my favorite song to play off that CD is 'There will be Blood Tonight', there is some cool bass parts in it that I am very proud of, stuff that I cant wait to play every night to this day.

9. What does the future hold for Lizzy Borden?

We are working on song ideas right now, we will see where it leads to as far as a new cd, it's a little premature at this point. We just played Mexico last weekend, Revolution Fest in Guadalajara and Force Fest in Mexico City. We are off to play European festivals next, Hellfest Open Air Festival, Gods of Metal, Headbangers Open Air. Just check our websites for all tour dates!

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For more on Marten Andersson & Lizzy Borden: http://www.marten.cc/ or http://www.lizzyborden.com


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