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Legacy - Same (2003) - 7.5 Punkte
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Legacy featuring Marten AnderssonFeaturing members of Lizzy Borden, George Lynch Group, Silver Mountain, Alcatraz, the Apex Theory, Jonas Hansson Band, and Joy Basu. Kind of reminds me of Slaughter without the catchy lyrics. As I listen to the first track which is an ok song with fairly good guitar riffs, but it just did nothing for me. The vocals just do not fit the first few tracks. Song three Tool has some really good music but still nothing to write home about. The best track on the CD is Autumn Rising which is a superb ballad which has some kickin' guitar work and vocalist Chris Roseberry shines. Mission of Mercy track five is starting to pick the band back up to recognition, here they’re starting to click. Track seven is an instrumental called 2,4,1 which shows this band as great musicians. You have such culture here it is like Clapton meets Yngwie mixed in with Yes and Jazz bassist Stanley Clark. I am not a instrumental fan but this is one of the best I heard. Song nine My last sunrise is a killer tune as I listen to tracks 4 thru 11 it is hard to believe this is the same band from the first 3 songs. From Autumn Rising to the last track this band kicks ass. Astral Sundown puts Marten Andersson to work with his expert bass playing. The last song is Thank you could have been added to a pink Floyd song. It is that good, but just a little short. I can see more coming from this band in the future.

Autor: Brian
Platten-Label: Snake City Music

Trackliste Besetzung
1. Troubleshooter
2. Underdog
3. Tool
4. Autumn Rising
5. Mission Of Mercy
6. Leave It Alone
7. 2.4.1
8. Can't Remember Love
9. My Last Sunrise
10. Astral Sundown
11. Thank You
Marten Andersson: Bass, Guitar
Jonas Hansson: Lead Guitar, Keyboards
Chris Roseberry: Vocals
Stephan Emig: Drums


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