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Despite being based in California, this Legacy is not a prequel to Testament. Rather this is a US Metal (think Apocrypha, think Riot, etc.)-meets-Rainbow act with particular emphasis on shredding guitars. It is unmistakable that the leads are Blackmore-inspired. There are lead tradeoffs and a slew of lengthy solos as well. The bass is loud and present, while the vocals both melodic and harmonic within a high pitch. The singer gives the band a sound reminiscent of Slaughter.

There is a whiff of keyboards on certain songs and the drum sound is slightly light, but the band still brings quite a few ideas to the table. Certainly not all of the band's ideas work though which renders the picture patchy, but Legacy emphasizes traditional hard rock and has many great parts. A good example is the great effect achieved on Autumn Rising. Then again Legacy can break into more jazzy and progressive instances as in Astral Sundown or a more soulful effort on Thank you. This album was originally recorded and released independently four years ago by the band. It would be interesting to hear Legacy's progression henceforth. - Ali "The Metallian"

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