Marten sat down for a very in-depth interview with Jon Liebman from For Bass Players Only.
Click here to watch Marten’s For Bass Players Only interview!

Great in depth interview with Marten Andersson by Spanish site “Made In Metal” writer Raul Cardona
Escrito por Raul Cardona – Made In Metal

Hard Candy Interview with Stacy Maisenbach
KPFZ’s Stacy Maisenbach interviewed Marten on the Hard Candy show September 2021.
Click here to Listen to Hard Candy Podcast

Marten Andersson Interview with Mike Gaube’s Headbangers
Marten discusses Steelheart, Lizzy Borden, Lynch, Lynch Mob, Sweden and so much more!
Click here to Listen to Mike Gaube’s Headbangers Podcast

Shockwave Skullsessions Podcast
On this Shockwaves Skullsessions episode, host Bob Nalbandian is joined by two old comrades, bassist Marten Andersson (Steelheart, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob, From Classical to Rock) along with guitar-shredder Ira Black (Gods & Monsters, I Am Morbid, ATTIKA7, Westfield Massacre, Metal Church, Heathen, Vicious Rumors, Lizzy Borden, Dokken).
Click here to Listen to Shockwaves Skullsessions Podcast

Shop Talk International Podcast
Shop Talk International Podcast Ep 12 with Peter, Mary, Troy and Marten Andersson. Artists Platform Round Table on music history and discussions of current and future endeavors!
Click here to Listen to Shop Talk International Podcast

Music Matters Podcast with Darrell Craig Harris
Marten Andersson – acclaimed Heavy Metal and Hard Rock bass player is our guest on episode 20 season 2 of Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris. Here’s the link for the podcast episode! Available on all major podcast outlets including, Apple Podcasts, IHeart Radio, Spotify, Podbean.
Click here to Listen to Music Matters with Darrell Craig Harris

Music Mania Podcast
Outstanding duo of interviews on the Music Mania Podcast as we welcome STEELHEART bassist Marten Andersson and one of the great voices in rock Robin Mcauley from MSG, BlackSwan, RockVault.
Click here to Listen to Music Mania Podcast

Marten Andersson of Steelheart formerly with Lizzy Borden & Lynch Mob speaks to James.
Click here to Listen to That Metal Podcast

with Marten Andersson Steelheart bass player Marten Andersson, he has also been a long time bassist for Lizzy Borden and George Lynch.
Click here to Listen to Amps and Axes Podcast

Obviously he is a bassist, He plays this Melodic stuff, really technical. Featured tracks, “Varchar”, “Appointment With Death” , “The Death Of Love”. Working with George Lynch. ESP custom Bass.
Click here to Listen to The Metal Moment Podcast

(Some goodies in here for sure)

Marten Andersson Article In Expressen Newspaper Sweden
Marten Andersson appears in “Expressen” one of Sweden’s largest Newspaper (Swedish only)

Marten Andersson Article From Nacka Posten
Marten Andersson feature from Nacka Värmdö Posten (Swedish only) Read Article>

Bass Players Unite Interview With Bass Player Marten F. Andersson
For the first question we want to know when did you start to play the bass guitar? Was it easy for you to learn bass? I actually started to play the guitar, I was about 13 when I saw Gene Simmons on some TV show and it made me want to switch to bass. I wanted to breathe fire and fly with bat wings on stage. I was pretty much begging my dad every day to buy me a bass, he eventually bought me a little Fender Mustang bass. I started taking lessons and figuring out how to play the music that was played on the radio. I don’t really remember this part, but when I run into people that were around then, they tell me I always had a bass with me or I was always practicing. I was not one of those people where things came easy, some people do it once and they get it right off the bat. I worked my ass off, practiced all day and night and took lessons. Once it’s in my head it doesn’t leave – so I guess it’s a trade off. Plus, I became very passionate about playing, and you cant help yourself but to do it all the time, when you have passion.
Read Full Interview here>

Interview With Marten Andersson Bassist Of Lizzy Borden / George Lynch / Legacy By Back To Hard Rock Magazine
What are your most recently completed projects and what are you currently working on?
I have been in Lizzy Borden for a long time and I was with George Lynch and his Lynch Mob for 6 or 7 years. Hmm what else, check out Dario Lorina’s (Black Label Society) latest instrumental CD (out on Shrapnel records now) it has a ton of cool shredding on it. My old solo project ‘Legacy’ was recently re-released digitally with bonus tracks and I just found out it’s on some metal charts which is mindblowing that after all these years, that people still like it but that’s great.
Read Full Interview here>

Marten Andersson Drops A Bass Line With Fallen Blue
Bass player
Marten Andersson Drops A Bass Line With Fallen Blue
Fallen Blue charity group recently sat down with our friend and longtime Lizzy Borden bass player, Marten Andersson. Marten is also known for his 7 years with George Lynch’s Lynch Mob, in addition to the authoring of a successful music reference book and appearing in smaller TV/movie parts. Marten Andersson and the band Lizzy Borden are some of our first and biggest supporters.
Read more>

Lizzy Borden – Sweden Rock Review
9p (of 10) The people who don’t see the cool in Make up, Axe blades with fake blood and a singer that goes through Halloween masks like festival beers, will not like Lizzy Borden. If you like all this, combined with awesome ‘Wasp’ meets ‘Queensryche’ metal and the same (emanate) singer that is a lion tamer with the audience – yes, you might just say, like me, agree that Lizzy Borden is the highlight of the entire SRF. Certain die hard fans might have missed certain classics, but the new “Appointment with Death” – songs lifts to high heavens live, and I got to hear “Me Against the World” do not complain.
Click on Image for bigger Picture (opens in new window)

Lizzy Borden – Bang your head” review in Metal Hammer
Shock-rocker Lizzy Borden knows how to entertain the audience: The five Americans put on party-hits like ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’, ‘There Will Be Blood Tonight’, ‘Me Against The World’ or ‘We Got The Power’ and staged a spectacular show that somehow reminds of Kiss. Masquerade in great profusion, Dancers (that pretend to give lead singer Lizzy a blow-job, getting their top ripped off and being bloody massacred) and a fake blood orgy in the first row – party! No wonder one disapproved with the Band being on stage early afternoon.

Lizzy Borden/George Lynch Bassist embarks on a journey with Toontrack Software Maker
Los Angeles, California, MARTEN ANDERSSON bassist for Lizzy Borden/George Lynch (ex Legacy, Starwood) is honored to announce his involvement with Toontrack of Sweden. “Toontrack has created an elite yet affordable drum software which allows your creative ability to take priority, and put an end to useless hours getting sidetracked on computer engineering,” says Marten.
Read More>

Starwood Gets Terrorized
(Music Connection Magazine – Picture by Theresa Cameron) The Hollywood-based rock band Starwood has been hard at work on their follow-up album to If It Ain’t Broke, Break It at Terrorizing Studios in North Hollywood.
Click for picture>

Nightingale Studios Gets Lynched
George Lynch’s “Lynch Mob” (with Marten Andersson on Bass) was at Nightingale Studios finishing up rehearsals for its upcoming tour. The group is planning on doing classic Lynch Mob and Dokken songs. At some of the shows, the band will be teaming up with other all-star 80’s metal celebs, so be on the lookout.
Click for picture>

Marten Andersson Talks Bass!
Marten Andersson talks bass with Martin Simpson of “I decided that I’d better secure an Interview before the man got even busier than he already is”. I shot Marten a few questions and we had a great chat which ended in April.
Read more>

Starwood Reviews, Interviews and Press Related Items
Over 50 (!!!) Starwood Interviews and Reviews has been added.
Read more>

Starwood Reviews and Interviews
Classic Rock Magazine
Starwood is in Classic Rock Magazine, one of England’s biggest rock magazine.
Read more>

Metal Edge Magazine
Starwood Featured in the March 2005 issue of Metal Edge Magazine as the band to watch in 2005. (in stores now)
Read more>

Entertainment Today Magazine
Starwood is a band whose mission it seems is to bring back good old slammin’ rock n roll with a dose of punk thrown in for good measure. Their new release “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It” (available on Metal Blade Records) is a collection of 9 raucous rockers.
Read more>

Legacy CD Review by Sin’s pure Metal News
“The band puts forth a vivid musical performance that is highlighted by their skillful songwriting abilities and impressive delivery. There are few bands today that capture the energy of the hard rock sound and execute it in such a proficient manner.”
Read more>

30 Questions with Marten Andersson
by Whiplash Rock Magazine Brazil
Read more>

Legacy CD Review by sleaze-metal
“You have such culture here it is like Clapton meets Yngwie mixed in with Yes and Jazz bassist Stanley Clark. I am not a instrumental fan but this is one of the best I heard. Song nine My last sunrise is a killer tune. I can see more coming from this band in the future.”
Read more>

Marten Andersson Interviews:

  • Interview with Starwood Bass player Marten Andersson by Mega Metal
  • Marten Andersson talks about Starwood with Music Incider
  • Marten Andersson talks Bass with
    Read Interview>

Legacy CD Reviews:

  • Legacy CD review by
  • Legacy review by: Sweden Rock Magazine
  • Legacy Review by
  • Legacy Review by
    Melodic rock with a touch of metal thrown in. There aren’t many new bands playing this style and I grew up a fan of rock n roll as well as underground metal so I am totally into what these guys are all about. 11 bone crunching rock tunes. Think bands like Coney Hatch, Night Ranger, etc. Great vocals are just plain kick ass tunes make this a rock lovers delight.

Marten Andersson/Legacy Metal Express Interview and CD Review

  • Marten Andersson talks to Norway’s “Metal Express Magazine” about Legacy, Lizzy Borden and more>
  • Metal Express Magazine Legacy CD Review

Legacy CD review by
Legacy’s self titled album is filled with guitarist’s Hansson heavy lead guitar and cool riffs, especially on the outro to “Leave it Alone.” Roseberry’s deep voice is a perfect contrast to the soaring solos. Think Skid Row at around the time of Slave to the Grind and that’s where Legacy lies. If you liked that sound then you’ll love this band.
Read review>

Metal Express Legacy CD Review
Legacy isn’t your average hard rock band. Although the musicianship on this CD is potent and skilled, the vocalist Chris Roseberry is the bands most lethal instrument. He has tremendous range, a very bluesy voice, and the ability to throw real anger and pain into his delivery. Legacy is just a damn good band. Read Review>

Altatensione Webmagazine Interviews Marten Andersson

Marten Andersson Interview with Altatensione Webmagazine Italy.
Click here>

Marten Andersson – Rock and a Hard Place Radio Interview

Radio Interview with The Box (101.9 Fargo, ND). Marten talked about Legacy, Lizzy Borden, played some Metal and drank beer.

Here’s part of the conversation: PART ONE PART TWO (wmv)

Rocknet Webzine Legacy CD Review

I love the guitar riffs and there’s definitely some top notch technical playing. The vocalist has a nice range. The album overall is very heavy and very melodic with a couple of really nice ballads on it. Definitely a very cool album. Full Review>

Marten Andersson Radio Interview

Marten Andersson Interview with m4 Radio – Interview with

Legacy CD Review by Bass Inside Magazine
The album is just what you would expect from a group of heavy metal monsters. Hot songs, great solos, a lot of strutting, the usual stuff, well played. For the genre they dance in, they are as good as it can get. Grrrr.
Full review>

Legacy CD Review
All of these guys are seasoned players who know their way around impressive hooks, kick-ass riffs and – plain and simple – decent songwriting.
Full review>

-Michael Popke-
Sea of Tranquility – Legacy Review and Marten Andersson Interview
Interview with Legacy founder and Bass Player Marten Andersson and Legacy CD Review with

Legacy Review with
There are so many great licks here that it will leave a blister on your stereo speakers! The songs are heavy, bluesy & aggressive in places and melodic in others.
Full review>


Legacy Review with
“Possibly one of the best Metal records I will hear this year” by
Read review>

  • Legacy Review by – Click here
  • Marten Andersson Interview with “Rock In Your World” – Click here
  • Legacy review by – Click here
  • Legacy review by – Click here

Strutter Magazine
This LA based band is definitely one to check out as soon as possible, because this is music from a very high quality. This LEGACY is a big recommendation worth.
Full review>

Legacy on Euphony Music News & Spin City Magazine
A very interesting CD to say the least.
Click here for complete Interview>

Legacy in the Posten Sweden
Legacy CD Review by The Posten, Sweden>

Marten Andersson Interview and Legacy review on

  • Marten Andersson Interview – Click here>
  • Legacy CD Review by Electric Basement – Click here >

Legacy on WCRC
Legacy is a new unsigned band we have been playing here on our station WCRC 104 FM. These guys rock from the opening track Trouble Shooter to the closer of “Thank You” this CD rocks. Its like Malmsteen meets Krokus meets nothing you ever heard before I high octane metal fest “Troubleshooter” the rocking balls to wall track gets lots of feedback but the most request come in for track #4 “Autumn Rising” a very Dio sounding ballad in the beginning then opens up into a rockin climax. I give this on a scale of one to ten (ten being the best) a easy 9 and the only reason i give it a nine is i never give a ten only twice in my radio career listen to Legacy on “The Witching Hour” every Saturday night on WCRC 104 FM in New Hampshire

Rik / Music Director – WCRC 104 FM – NH

Legacy Review on KNAC.COM
The songs are carefully crafted (a good blend of melody, musicianship, songwriting and go for the throat attitude) and well executed. The album starts off with a 1-2-3 punch of great rockers. Album mixes original ideas with odes to Metallica, Yngwie, etc.
Click here for full length review>

Legacy review on Oblivion Magazine
They (Legacy) sound very experienced and professional. The music is powerful and very melodic US-Metal. The best heavy tracks are “Tool” or “Underdog”. The instrumental song “2.4.1” is a total blast and has lots of harmony.
Complete review>

Legacy review with Strutter Magazine
Heavy sound with a well placed guitar, creative riffs and solos mingled on a competent and vigorous rhythm cousin, with a able singer and a interesting gamma of compositions.
Complete review>

Legacy Review on RENEGADE2K.COM – Brazil
This album features interesting hard/heavy songs with good technical sections and shredding neoclassical soloing. Very good debut album.
Click here for complete review>

Legacy with Sweet Suffering Magazine – Germany
All the musicians specially the bass player Marten Andersson outdo themselves demonstrating both instrumental mastery and excellent melodic taste.
Click here for complete review>

Legacy on CBC Radio Ottawa
I am very impressed by the skill level of the players. I think this was best displayed when I got to track 10 (Astral Sundown). I also really enjoyed track 4 – Autumn Rising, and track 8 – Can’t Remember Love. The quality of the recording was very strong, and as mentioned, the playing is well above par.” -Paul MacInnis – CBC Radio Ottawa

Q & A WITH MARTEN ANDERSON – Marten Andersson interviewed
Click here for complete interview>

Legacy on
“My adoration now lies true with Legacy, a powerful and explosive talent who will wear well with the changing times of musical expectations with a diverse range of well written material.”
Full review>

Marten is one of the best bassists around. – Sonja Van Lier/Rock City News

“Great stuff! Very very cool, Excellent! Excellent! Great stuff!!”

I really loved the music from the band and the high standards from the musicians involved – Eduardo de Souza Bonadia/Editor/Director – Strike Virtual Metal Magazine

“Awesome band”
– Rock And A Hardplace-

-Wildside Imports-
Kickers Magazine poll voted Legacy one of the best bands.