Marten post statement regarding Lizzy Borden bass player position

I wanted to post something to clarify a few things regarding the Lizzy Borden tour. I’ve been getting texts, messages and posts from people and friends that are excited to see me in their cities which is totally understandable since I have been part of the band for 20+ years.

I have not been asked to be part of the tour and nor was I expecting to be. Lizzy put the band on hiatus in 2016 and went in a different musical direction. I joined Steelheart and co-produce and play in the ‘From Classical to Rock’ shows (benefiting education) which are both very successful. For people that are looking for some sensational stuff or band drama, there is none, life is too short for that. I will miss you all but both Steelheart and From Classical to Rock have upcoming shows and tours so I hope I get to see you fine people in your city soon. I wish the boys nothing but good luck! -Marten