Hej då Pappa Erik


We are saying our final goodbyes to pappa Erik. Safe journey dad and give mom a big hug. Not only is it a stressful time in the World with the Covid-19 and the economy, but on a personal note (for you people who have been asking Kathy – my social media guru) – thank you! Yep, It’s been a hard last few years losing both my parents and dealing with my back issues, taking painkillers to function and with that comes the anxiety and sadness. But life continues and it’s important to keep a positive mind frame with warm energy, a lot of people have it much worse (and you are in my prayers). On that note, I would also like to thank father H from the Swedish church for all your support and encouragement in my recovery. 🙏 Please take care of each other out there, and I can’t wait for a rock show again! #UnitedNotDivided