Was born in Stockholm Sweden, it was there that Marten developed an interest in becoming a rock musician after being exposed to bands such as Kiss, Judas Priest, Ufo and Iron Maiden. Marten had a passion for playing various different musical instruments but considered bass his main instrument. At the age of 16 Marten had already performed shows and recorded with various local bands but he had much bigger aspirations. He wanted to take on Hollywood. By the age of 18 Marten moved to Hollywood and got the bass player gig with the National recording band Lizzy Borden, and that is just the beginning. (Continue reading below) Also see bio at Wikipedia.org.

Official website of bass player and songwriter Marten Andersson. Marten's credits include Lita Ford, Steelheart, Lizzy Borden, George Lynch's Lynch Mob


IN 2022, Bassist Marten Andersson (Steelheart, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob) joined rock legend Lita Ford’s band.

A statement from Lita Ford reads: “Marten brings to the stage a sound and high energy dynamic style of bass guitar playing like a freight train hauling thunder through a hurricane.”

Marten Andersson commented, “For those of you who haven’t heard, Yessss I have indeed joined the Lita Ford band. I am super excited to join these awesome musicians and kind souls: Lita Ford, Patrick Kennison, Bobby Rock, and the great team around them. Can’t wait for all the tour dates, recording and to get out and rock!”

“My special thanks to my dear friend and long time Lita bass player Marty O’Brien for making this transition so easy and smooth. Good luck in DAUGHTRY brother.

Ford’s last release was 2016’s “Time Capsule“, a collection of songs that were recorded by Lita in the past, but never before made available.

Six years ago, Lita released an autobiography, “Living Like A Runaway: A Memoir“, via Dey Street Books (formerly It Books), an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers.


In 2016, Marten Andersson co-founded ‘From Classical to Rock‘ with famous Chinese violinist Yutong, acclaimed cellist Stan Sharp bringing together platinum selling Rock Stars and Award Winning Classical musicians benefiting public music and art education programs. The first concert in 2016 was produced by Marten, Stan Sharp, Yutong, Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots) and Chester Bennington (Linkin Park).

After the incredible success of the first concert the “From Classical to Rock” team joined forces with the OC Music & Dance School and the Irvine Barclay Theater in 2018 to present a star-studded concert experience benefiting music education for Orange County communities on April 28, 2018. From Classical to Rock 2018 featured singer John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Nancy Wilson (Heart), Randy Jackson and many more. FC2R 2018 also featured original music scored by Nathan Wang one of the greatest Hollywood movie composers with performances by 20+ famous rock and classical musicians, joined on stage by 40+ members of the Orange County Music School, Pacific Symphony Youth Orchestra, members of the Donald Bren Honors High School Orchestra and Chorus. For more information on the performers and FC2R click here.

In 2019 “From Classical To Rock” once again joined forces with the non-profit organization Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF) to present an intimate star-studded concert benefiting 30 local schools. At the Terranea Resort in Palos Verdes on May 11, 2019. Bringing aspiring High School Student Musicians from local high schools, together with Rock Stars and acclaimed Classical Musicians. (This was the most successful and highest grossing fundraiser for the Peninsula Education Foundation (PEF).

2016 From Classical to Rock Artists: Stone Temple Pilots, Chester Bennington (Linkin Park), Gary Wright, Monte Pittman (Madonna), Chinese violinist Yutong (LA Phil, Hollywood Bowl Orchestra), Chas West (Foreigner/Bonham), Stan Sharp (Hollywood Bowl Orchestra), Marten Andersson (Steelheart/Lizzy Borden/Lynch Mob), and Lauren Mayhew (singer and actress). Extraordinary guest musicians includes: Christopher Lennertz, Stephen Chesney, Joi Simpson, Benjamin Zelico, Trameka Richardson, Sean Bart.

2018 From Classical to Rock Artists: John Rzeznik (Goo Goo Dolls), Nancy Wilson (Heart), Randy Jackson, Alex Boye (pop and YouTube sensation), Miljenko Matijevic (Steelheart, The Doors) Lynn Harrell (acclaimed cellist), Monte Pittman(Madonna/Prong), Chinese violinist Yutong (Pacific Symphony, Los Angeles Philharmonic, and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra), Marten Andersson (Steelheart, George Lynch, Lizzy Borden), Chris Broderick (Megadeth), acclaimed cellist Stan Sharp and many more.

2019 From Classical to Rock Artists: Yutong, Marten Andersson, Chris Broderick (Megdeth, InFlames), Robert DeLeo (Stone Temple Pilots), Wes Geer (Korn), Chas West (Foreigner, Jason Bonham Band), Monte Pittman (Madonna, Prong), Neil Turbin (Anthrax), Elliott Bark (Award winning Conductor), Christopher Lennertz (Famous Music Composer), Jimmy Burkhart (West Bound), Jane Lee (Sony Recording Artist), Trameka and Joi, Shane Tassart, Jasmine Star (16 year guitar prodigy), Makayla Dixon (17 year old cellist prodigy), Xander Marsden (15 year guitar prodigy), PVPUSD high-schools student orchestra and Choir.


From 2016-2022 Marten toured worldwide (US/Europe/Asia) with the band Steelheart, fronted by ‘the voice’ Miljenko Matijevic. Steelheart have a big following (especially in the Asian market) and has charted No. 1 in many countries around the World. SteelHeart hit song ‘She is Gone’ has been the #1 karaoke song in South Korea for 15+ years. Steelheart has worked on several TV and several soundtracks for TV and movies. Including the hit song “We All Die Young” featured in the Mark Wahlberg and Jennifer Aniston movie “Rockstar”. Steelheart latest CD is entitled “Through Worlds of Stardust”.

Mili’s powerful voice and multi-octave range has become the heart and soul of the band. Although began as a Hair/Metal band in the early 90s he has recently reformed the band and turned it away from the glam scene. Steelheart’s new sound is modern and edgy while still retaining overtones of Miljenko Matijevic’s roots. Writing, producing, Matijevic has Fused his past, present and the future together, creating an undeniable piece of art . “A modern day led Zeppelin” (Mitch Lafon).


For over two decades, Marten Andersson was the bassist for the legendary shock rock band Lizzy Borden. Lizzy Borden have recorded and toured the world, shared stages worldwide with groups such as Deep Purple, Motley Crue, Dream Theater, Journey, Guns and Roses, Ozzy, Wasp, Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen, Motorhead & many many more. The band Lizzy Borden released 9 albums in total, hitting the top 100 4 times in the U.S., including sellout tours across the U.S. South America, Canada, Europe and Asia.

Longtime Lizzy Borden fan and Multimedia genius, Todd McFarlane was enlisted to capture the essence of Lizzy Borden for the “Deal with the Devil” tour (and CD cover art) McFarlane is best known for his creation of Spawn and the re-creation of Spiderman as well as CD covers for Korn, Iced Earth and many more.

Marten’s last Lizzy Borden CD, entitled “Appointment With Death” was released World-wide on Metalblade Records. The CD features guest appearances by George Lynch (Dokken/Lynch mob), Dave Meniketti (Y&T), Corey Beaulieu (Trivium), Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain) among others.

The video for “Tomorrow Never Comes” was nominated for video of the year and was in the Top 25 Metal Videos on MTV’s Headbangers Ball. The follow up single and video for the song “Under Your Skin” was in heavy rotation on TV and radio stations around the world.

From 2007-2014, Lizzy Borden has traveled extensively around the world performing in over 28+ Countries, in addition to European Touring and Festivals the band toured North American with both Wasp and Finnish Monster Rockers Lordi. Lizzy Borden was the first-day headliner of the two-day Keep It True XII festival in Lauda-Königshofen Germany. Lizzy Borden wrapped up 2012 at Gods of Metal open air (Italy), Hellfest Open Air (France) together with Black Sabbath, Motley Crue, Guns N’ Roses and many others.

Worldwide festival appearances included Sweden Rock Festival (Sweden), Kobetasonik (Spain), Wacken Open Air (Germany), Bang Your Head (Germany), Alcatraz Metal Festival, Leyendas del Rock, Elsrock Festival, Heaven and Hell Metal Fest, Christmas Metal Festival, Hard Rock Hell Festival. North American festival appearances included Rocklahoma and Rock Gone Wild.

In 2013, Lizzy Borden launched “30th Years of American Metal Tour“, the tour went on from 3 full years (2013-2016). The band performed at festivals such as 70,000 tons of Metal cruise (USA), Skogsrojet festival (Sweden) continuing the tour into South America, South Korea, North America and Europe, ending the tour in November in Moscow, Russia.


Marten spent 7 years with Grammy nominated and former Dokken guitarist George Lynch and his “Lynch Mob“. Marten’s last Lynch Mob tour included a marathon 26 shows in 30 days, including a much talked about feature on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. Lynch is considered to be one of the most influential and famous 1980s metal guitarists. He is known for his unique playing style and sound. He is ranked #68 on “100 Greatest Guitarists Of All Time” by Guitar World magazine and is also ranked #10 on “Top 10 Metal Guitarists Of All Time” by Gibson. The latest line-up was: George Lynch – Guitars, Marten Andersson – Bass, Vinny Appice (Black Sabbath/Dio/Heaven and Hell) – Drums, Andrew Freeman (Last in Line)- Vocals.


Marten compose and score music with a variety of musicians and songwriting partners ranging from commercials/film/television. Marten is primarily known for his metal and hardrock type of style but they also create a wide range of music stretching from modern pop, darker experimental, country music to spa type of melodic songs.


When Orange County Music and Dance (OCMD) launched its outreach program, Operation Gig. Using the healing powers of music, Operation Gig brought the veteran community together during these times of social isolation. Our weekly group classes have launched countless new aspiring musicians who have learned new skills, met new friends and pushed their boundaries of confidence and self-esteem. Over the last eight weeks, veterans have been learning and rehearsing together and building solid relationships. In total, Operation Gig has served more than 40 Veterans in 9 weekly music classes and two bands! Operation Gig wouldn’t be possible without the generosity of our donors. While reflecting on their experience, both participants and coaches alike are overcome with immense gratitude for the opportunity to connect with fellow vets and, in many cases, learn a new skill.

Marten Andersson, the professional bass guitarist for bands like Lita Ford, Steelheart, From Classical to Rock has been coaching the Veteran Bands through the duration of the program. “I am so proud of them. They are really teaching me so much more than I am teaching them, and musically they have progressed so much in just a few weeks. It is a beautiful thing to see them all smile and have a great time,” said Andersson.


I have been in this business and played music since I was 12. I left Sweden for America, worlds away at 18 years old, and made it in a business that so many people are working so hard to break into. I have great ideas, empathy and compassion for others. Are you stuck and need to remove that block? Coaching means inspiring, encouraging, offering ideas, life experience, and real stories. My knowledge and journey has a lot to offer.

I am bringing my 30 years of experience touring, writing and recording with platinum selling billboard bands such as, Lita Ford, SteelHeart, Lizzy Borden, Lynch Mob and From Classical to Rock. For more information on my Music Coaching program Click here>


Marten’s musical gear consists of ESP Basses and Guitars, Ampeg, EBS, Elixir, Hipshot D Tuners, Intune picks, Babicz Full Contact Hardware Bridges, Gator, Toontrack Drum Software and Line 6. See Gear Page for more info >>

Marten holds bass clinics and music seminars, performs at music trade shows and gives a limited number of private lessons whenever possible. (For inquires, go to the Contact Page).


Marten dedicates himself to a variety of charity organizations, including breast cancer research, “From Classical to Rock Foundation”, “Fallen Blue”, “VH1- Save The Music Foundation” and various animal welfare causes. Marten and his dog Shira was featured in SPCA’s “Hollywood Pet Celebrity Calendar” together with other famous actors and models. In 2006, Marten was the musical director for the “Fender Namm Jam” in Anaheim California.


Marten’s acting credits in movies and Television include “Sweet Justice” (Melissa Gilbert), Rock N’ Roll Detective (NBC Pilot), “Midnight Heat”, “The Net”, “Divas” and “To the end of Times”. Marten has also been a guest ‘Rockstar’ movie reviewer in Hustler and OUI Magazine.


Make Label Contact written by Marten Andersson

Marten is the author of the book “Make Label Contact/The Ultimate Source Directory” a reference and musicians guide, aimed towards musicians for record companies and demo submissions (Published by SCI Publishing.) This book is widely considered to be the guide for any musician.


Marten played bass on guitar virtuoso Dario Lorina (Black Label Society) first and second instrumental solo CDs, released on Miky Varney’s Shrapnel Records. “Dario’s CD’s reveals some extreme musical ability with more diverse influences than the average neo-classical riff monger. While technically proficient yet powerful all-instrumental CD’s drenched in attitude-filled guitar work, backed by a thundering hard rock rhythm section.”


Marten’s solo project “Legacy“ and his self-titled debut CD was released to excellent reviews. In addition to Marten, Legacy features guitarist Roadrunner Records recording guitarist Jonas Hansson (Silver Mountain, The Jonas Hansson Band, Alcatraz), vocalist Chris Roseberry and drummer Stephan Emig. Other guest musicians is instrumental shredder guitarist Joy Basu (Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Simpson, CoCo Lee), drummer Sammy J. Watson (Apex Theory, Ricky Lee Jones) and vocalist Chris Logan (MSG, Jake E. Lee).

Legacy’s debut CD was recorded, mixed and completed at Master Groove Studios by Marten and Jonas, with the assistance of studio owner Dave Morse. (Aerosmith, Guns ‘N Roses, Van Halen and Warrant.)

Legacy is described as “addictive, in-your-face hard rock.” Metalvault calls it “Possibly one of the best Metal records I will hear this year”. WCRC 104 FM says “This CD rocks. Its like Malmsteen meets Krokus meets nothing you ever heard before, a high octane metal fest”, Hardradio calls it “Very cool stuff! Check it out”, KNAC says “Legacy delivers straight-forward, honest, melodic rock with some great guitar playing”.

Press coverage included larger magazine interviews and articles in publications such as Burrn, Guitar Magazine, Bass player Magazine, Hon-doo, American, Scandinavian, German and various other magazines around the world. Click here to Download Legacy’s Remastered CD.


Marten was a founding member and bass player of the Hollywood rock band “Starwood“. The band released their debut CD “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!” worldwide on Metalblade Records to raving reviews. Their signature high energy rock made Starwood popular after just only one album and “If it ain’t broke, break it” gathered airplay around the World. Video’s for the CD includes ‘Subculture’ and ‘Bad Machine’. “This is an album for anyone who kneels before the Gods for the return of carefree arena rock” states Music Connection. Metal edge magazine calls them the band to look for, Starwood “leans heavily to ’70s era icons like KISS, Cheap Trick and New York Dolls. The production is very raw yet polished in all the right spots making it a very strong rock record.” Crave claims If Ain’t Broke, Break It! boasts “an impressive old school rock feel” and hopes Starwood is “the band that brings back those Hollywood rock bands that got swept away so many years ago.” The band did a series of successful Japan concerts and recorded a follow up CD that have yet to be released.


Marten recorded two CD’s entitled “Second to None” (1997) and “The Rocks” (2000) with “The Jonas Hansson Band” (Roadrunner Records). Jonas Hansson Band featured members from bands such as Alice Cooper, Alcatraz, Marty Friedman Band (Megadeth) and Silver Mountain.

J.H.B. filmed a popular video, this video has been shown extensively on TV in Japan and various other television shows throughout Asia and Europe. The J.H.B. project was featured in many European and Japanese publications such as Burrn!, Guitar Player, and Young Guitar.

“The Harder You Work, The Luckier You Get!
How Lucky Am I To Get Paid To Do My Hobby!!"