How many strings does Marten’s custom Red Spark have?

Marten was a “wannabe” actor at one time. True or false?

Marten was born in:

Marten formed a band in 1998. What was this band called?

What color are Marten’s eyes?

What does Marten consider his “uniform”?
                Silver neck chain

What does Marten’s new Chuck Taylor shoes say on the back?
                Bass God

The Marten Andersson Group played Orminge in Sweden in 2017.  Who was NOT part of the line up?
                Bjorn Englen

Marten’s best fur buddy is:

The maker of the first bass guitar Marten owned was:
                None. Marten started out on guitar.

What is Marten’s astrological sign?

Who influenced Marten to play bass?
                Gene Simmons

How many strings are on the bass Marten’s currently uses?

Marten sometimes adds stickers on his bass.  What sticker HASN’T he used?

A comedy that Marten enjoys watching is:

Brand of bass Marten currently uses:

A Marten influencer and friend who is responsible for Marten’s creation of his “uniform”:
                Billy Sheehan

Marten’s publishing house:
                Snake City Music

Marten’s favorite hockey team:
                LA Kings

Marten wrote a book. What was the name of it?
                Making Label Contact

What year did Marten join SteelHeart?

What was the original name of the charity Marten co-founded?
                From Bach to Rock (now From Classical To Rock)

When did Marten decide to come to the United States?
                He missed the bus one night in the freezing cold Swedish winter.

Did Marten know English when he came to America?
                A little

How did Marten get his gig with Lizzy Borden?
                A girlfriend