Starwood - If It Ain’t Broke, Break It! (Metal Blade Records)


In the wake of the emergence of straight up guitar driven Rock n Roll via the likes of ‘The Darkness’ and ‘Brides of Destruction’, Starwood are immersed in a similar sound. Their style is all about simple hard driving, catchy rock ‘n roll songs with swagger and attitude. If you love 70’s style Kiss meets blues driven Aerosmith matched with the retro glam rock sleaze of T-Rex/G n R and Cheap Trick, Starwood will tear you a new asshole!

At nine tracks and only a tad over 33 minutes long, Starwood are clearly here for a good time, not a long one. And whilst this disc leaves you craving for more, I’ve a feeling that this album is only the start, a taster if you like. The great thing about ‘If It Ain’t Broke..’ is that Lizzy and his crew (consisting of Marten Andersson and Joey Scott along with guitarist Joe Steals) have written a set of memorable songs that will have you singing the choruses in your sleep. Everything is laced with a killer rock attitude and those essential catchy melodic hooks that so enamor your classic rock bands of the 70’s. Highlights amongst many include the awesome opener ‘Subculture’, the dirty rock swagger of ‘What’s Your Damage?’ (My fave) and the punkish ‘Social Zero’. The others are just as strong.

As a statement for progressiveness in hard rock/metal Starwood do not pretend to be innovators. This is all about providing some new life and energy in a dying rock scene. Plenty of bands try to do it, but in Starwood’s case the songs are there. ‘ITABBI’ features nine infectious rippers.

Lizzy is a severely underrated frontman and his performance on ‘ITABBI’ is a reminder to all about the talents that this man has. Sneering and provocative like the good old days; Lizzy is the star of the show here.

The ‘Rock Ain’t Dead’ cliché has been bandied around for decades. Starwood just added another chapter to it. It sounds big, brash and exciting. If you like killer rock songs with balls and attitude, this is essential. Starwood ROCKS!!

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