Starwood - If It Ain't Broke, Break It!
BY Rock And A Hardplace

I happen to have completely fallen in love with this album as it captures the 70's and 80's rock n' roll vibe of bands I grew up with. Throw in Lizzy's twisted view of the world and you have an amazing Rock record that will definitely stand the test of time.

Now let's get to the music. Lizzy uses his haunting melodies to the max except the angst is directed in a more Rock N' Roll style. Lizzy's voice is truly unique, but the music is more of a Cheap Trick meets Ramones meets Kiss style. Guitarist Joe Steals has the licks down, he totally get's what he's supposed to be doing here, playing Rock N' Roll. He does so with a fuzzed out sound and some blistering short solos.

Anthems like "Subculture" and "Won't Back Down" and the title track will instantly grab the Metal crowd. "All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends" is a cleverly well-crafted rock n' roll tune that covers one of the genre's oldest subjects. "What's Your Damage" is a sexually charged tune that shows Lizzy has that sick edge that makes his music so fuckin' cool.

If you're worried about the album sounding "wimpy" don't worry, Marten Andersson and Joey Scott make sure the bass and drums hit like a hammer. The production is bass-heavy and sounds amazing cranked up really fuckin' loud. If I have any complaint is that the album is only 9 songs, but good news, it will be priced as such so you won't be getting ripped off.

I fully endorse Starwood and can't wait for more.

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