Starwood - If It Ain't Broke, Break It!
By: - Justin Donnelly

The debut album from new act Starwood, who feature in their line up Lizzy on vocals and guitar Marten Andersson on bass, drummer Joey Scott and guitarist Joe Steals.

As the name Starwood suggests (Named after open minded club Starwood in Hollywood from the 70’s), Starwood has decided to simply rock out with a fusion of classic ‘70’s rock with elements of the ‘80’s glam rock sound, but with modern touches thrown in. And the results are great.

The riff heavy groove of the lead off track ‘Subculture’ is pure arena rock with plenty of classic sounding riffs and sing along hooks (Especially through the gang like backing vocals),

‘Won’t Back Down’ is even more anthem like and is so full of ‘80’s feel good r! ock that you have to wonder if this album isn’t a re-release of some lost classic, while ‘What’s Your Damage’ brings forth the more modern sounding influences with a harder edged sound and a slightly tougher/mature approach to classic rock.

A touch of Cheap Trick filters through ‘All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends’; while ‘Social Zero’ is a stripped back hard rocker with an emphasis being about getting straight to the point with a slight punk influenced drive.

The title track ‘If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!’ is a definite highlight with one of the most melodic and memorable choruses the band have to offer, while the fast paced tail end of ‘Backlash’, ‘You’re So Real’ and ‘Bad Machine’ are all high octane tributes to a bygone era of metal.

Starwood’s debut does have some obvious flaws, they only offer up nine tracks, If It Ain’t Broke, Break It! Is a fun album that isn’t ashamed of being retro with all the glam/hard rock trimmings.

I can only hope that together with other notable bands such as Brides Of Destruction and Velvet Revolver (Both returning to their rock roots), the good times really are coming back after an absence of far too long to remember.

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