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STARWOOD – “If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!”
(Metal Blade Records)
Running Time : 33:02

By Metal Invader

Simple, 70s style goodtime RNR, glamy, sleazy and filthy as hell, catchy, full of simple hooks and driving rhythms, with attitude that kicks ya in the face. T-REX, CHEAP TRICK, KISS, AERO, early GUNS and TWISTED SISTER, HANOI ROCKS, ya betchya! Hey Slash, Weiland and co, eat yer hearts out, this walks all over your shiny million selling POTATO!!!

There should have been more songs on the record, but hey, we 'll have to make do. Who gives a fuck anyway? Certainly not I, being in RNR heaven. Mr. Steals supplies some nice harmonies, riffola that kills and solos that are spot on. Marten Andersson and Joey Scott supply the infectious grooves and good old Mr. Lizzy Sleazy, plays some guitars, apart from being the STAR of the show, delivering a vocal attack that is horny, porny and memorable as fuck. You know what the bottom-line is? STARWOOD got the songs and that’s what sets them apart from a million other bands that try too hard, but end up just being beyond fucking boring. I could easily pick up the awesome opener ‘Subculture’, the infectious “Won’t Back down”, the “Too-good-for-words” and fucking tongue-in-ass-cheek “All my girlfriends have boyfriends”, the punky ‘Social Zero’ and the title track. As personal faves but hey, the rest of the songs are just as good.

LIZZY and co – deliver some hot and nasty Rock ‘n Roll. They have the balls, the songs and the attitude. They got that fucking “Star Quality” that has been sorely missing from bands since the early nineties. “Rock Ain’t Dead” as HEAVY PETTIN would put it, mutha! Damn right it ain’t and it’s not gonna go away with releases like this. GET THIS ALBUM NOW AND PLAY IT ON 11. COS  IT ROCKS LIKE A MOTHERFUCKER!!!


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