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Starwood - If It Ain't Broke, Break It
Review by: Anthony Pagano - In Depth E-Zine

Could this really be it? The return of the mighty arena rock era like we saw in the mid-late 80's with the likes of Motley Crue, Guns N Roses, and Poison? Well, let's not get too carried away just yet but Starwood could easily be at the front of just such a movement!

Their sound is right and they ARE from that era's HOTBED of music, Los Angeles! Their debut album "If It Ain't Broke, Break It" is about to hit stores and Lizzy (Vocals, Guitars), Joey Scott (Drums & Percussion, Backing Vocals), Marten Andersson (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Joe Steals (Lead, Rhythm, & Slide Guitars, Backing Vocals) are ready to take on the rock world with this release. "Subculture" leads things off with an upbeat and fast track. Right away, visions of Cheap Trick will probably arise in your mind as the big style, everyone in kind of chorus rings out. "Won't Back Down" follows with the same kind of upbeat vibe, in large part to the vocal stylings of Lizzy (backed up by Joey, Marten, and Joe) but the twist here is a bit more of a quiet verse ala some Bon Scott era AC/DC tunes.

There were always some 80's songs that had that "crushing at night" feel to know the songs... the ones that just sounded better on a summer night while crushing the local drag? Yeah, you know. Starwood has captured that all important feel with "What's Your Damage". What would make a song more upbeat than some upscale riffs? The tambourine of course! Did they really break it out? Check out "All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends" and see what you think! Lizzy and Joe really let the guitars rock out on "Social Zero" but also mix it up with a touch of attitude and sass vocally in the chorus.

The album's title track, "If It Ain't Broke, Break It", throws a bit of the acoustic guitar in for good measure but also has that slow build into a big, everyone sing-a-long style chorus. Hell, they even went as far as ending the song with 2 rounds of the chorus in a higher key! Yes, you know what that's about! "Backlash" retains that higher key and "You're So Real" moves it one step further! As these later track build with intensity and emotion their length also starts to fall under the 3 minute mark, leaving you wanting more! One last chance to get your rock fists in the air with "Bad Machine". Another up tempo, sing-a-long style tune that closes out this 9 song, just over 30 minute rock collection. Yes, it's only a 33 minute album but it'll EASILY leave you wanting catch a LIVE show!!

Starwood has that old school, when times were simpler, arena rock sound to them that MANY have been looking for but have not been able to find in a long time. For all the latest news and info, be sure to check out Starwood's official site at:

Rating 8 of 10

Starwood - If It Ain't Broke, Break It
1. Subculture
2. Won't Back Down
3. What's Your Damage
4. All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends
5. Social Zero
6. If It Ain't Broke, Break It
7. Backlash
8. You're So Real
9. Bad Machine

Review by:
Anthony Pagano/In Depth E-Zine

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