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Starwood - "If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!"

By Edge Magazine

      Riding the tightrope between GUNS 'N' ROSES and JET, the "simple is better" cliché brings new talent to the table in Starwood. The band leans heavily to the 70's era icons like KISS, CHEAP TRICK, and NEW YORK DOLLS, but they pummel forth in a very sleezier version of the above. Believe it or not, the singer is a dead ringer for IRON MAIDEN's Bruce Dickenson which sounds very cool over the top of G'N'R style riffs. Their bio says that they are huge on the Hollywood circuit but haven't yet broken new soil, so I imagine the success of the record will be by word of mouth unless they plan on loading up the van and moving forward.

The production is very raw yet polished in all the right spots making it a very strong rock record. Favorite tunes are "What's Your Damage", "Backlash", and "All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends".

A very good band that deserves your attention since this is a huge left-field play from their label (Metal Blade) who is more known for bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE than the mainstream rock Starwood provides. This one sounds like nothing on their current or past roster. Great Debut! Hits stores worldwide on July 27th.

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