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Artist - Starwood
Album - If It Aint Broke, Break It
Label - Metal Blade Records
Reviewer - Joe Prophet

by Crave Magazine

You can sure feel the KISS influence in this debut cd. Starwood has an impressive old school rock feel, with a hint of punk nicely tied in. I couldn’t help but spin in my chair and bang my head like I was in high school again on “Wont Back Down” and “If It Aint Broke, Break It”. Lead singer Lizzy takes me back to the good old days with a fiery grinding voice that brings the hair on your neck to attention.

   I laid back in my chair, and listened to the whole cd, and couldn’t find 1 song I didn’t like. I hope this is the band that brings back those Hollywood rock bands that got swept away so many years ago like the hair on the Barbour shop floor. This one is going in my collection right next to the Kiss, Cheap Trick and Ramones, and when they roll through town, you will find me in the front row.


1. Subculture
2. Wont Back Down
3. What’s Your Damage
4. All My Girlfriends Have Boyfriends
5. Social Zero
6. If It Aint Broke, Break It
7. Back Lash
8. Your So Real
9. Bad Machine

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