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Starwood interview with drummer Joey Scott
By Joe Florez and Scott Alisoglu -

Music for the past ten years has been nothing but serious, bleak and depressing. Once in a while, it’s a good idea to lighten up and just have fun again like we did back in the 70s and 80s. Well, Starwood, from Hollywood nonetheless, have been fired out of the cannon and giving the people a shot of adrenalin which is so desperately needed right now. These guys are the real deal and not a bunch of posers like in the past. They bring to the table their brand of raw power, punk, pop, glam and rawk all fused together that makes their debut CD If It Ain’t Broke, Break it! a sure fire hit with fans who enjoy this surge of decadent rock and roll. Live4Metal was able to whip up a bunch of questions and, thanks to 21st century technology, send them out via email. Drummer Joey Scott quickly responded and got right to the point, just like his music.

This is exactly what the rock world needs, decadent rock and roll for the 21st century without being lame like Poison. Being from Hollywood, you guys aren’t your typical rock band painted with glitter all over your faces or have your hair teased to the moon. How has Hollywood and the rest of the U.S responded to your brand of raw and energetic rock? 

Great so far!! Everyone seems to think this is what they have been waiting for. Something for everyone in this record.
It’s obvious that classic glam rock bands like T. Rex, New York Dolls and all things classic inspired you. Was it at all important to incorporate the past with your current sound? 

Yes, it was important because it's part of what inspires us. So for us to create something that is fresh and new, it must be something that takes all of our influences and inspirations and meshes them all together. Like building a ceramic piece of art out of old clay and new clay mixed together both add to the textures and over all feeling of the piece. Even the name Starwood represents a place where we feel was the mecca of the current state of music and where many music lineage's can be traced back to.
By the way, who are your biggest musical influences? 
Deep Purple, ACDC, Cheap Trick, Sex Pistols

Not only do you mix the classic with your sound, but contemporaries as well like Brides Of Destruction. It's very noticeable on ‘Subculture.’ That song seems to combine Sex Pistols with Brides. Would I be far off with that assumption? 

Actually, most of these songs were written long before Brides were around, but you got the Sex Pistols right.
What I like about the songs on here is that not only are they infectious with the melodies, but there is this raw and slightly unpolished sound to them that is not only memorable, but they stand out as well. Is Starwood all about raw power? 

Well, that's part of melding all the influences from past decades. The bands that have the longest and strongest influences often have power and conviction. Also, it's our debut so it needs to be more then just a firecracker in the street of life; it needs to be a dirty bomb that leaves a lasting impression. If it ain’t broke, break it!!
The band is signed to Metal Blade records which is really cool, but unusual because the label is more known for black, thrash, death and power metal. It’s obvious that Brian Slagel has expanded his horizons and this deal was right for you. How do you feel about being on a label with such a diverse style of music? 

It's great, I feel if music is good it's doesn't matter what other types of music or music cultures it get introduce into, it will stand on it's own. MB seems to really like what we've done and believes in it so hopefully it will all work out well for everyone.
How did Metal Blade find you? Or did you find them? What's the story here? 

We've known Brian Slagel for years. He came in and heard the tracks and loved what he heard so he said "lets put it out".
Were you looking at offers from other labels too? 

Not really. We need full creative control and that's hard to find at other labels.
The music on this debut CD is just about having fun set to hard rock. Are you just trying to relive the 80s or improve on the sound and whatnot that came from two decades ago? 

No, just trying to make the music business fun again. It's been so long since there has been music that wasn't so serious or depressing to the point of the musicians putting a gun to their head. Music doesn't have to be depressing and it doesn't have to remind you of how depressing life can be sometimes, just to be interesting. We don't have to feel guilty about having a good time.

Who do you think your music will appeal to most? Can you define your core audience?

Well, since our music has soooo many colors and textures we can appeal to just about anyone who has ears. And because our music is somewhat eclectic we could appeal to anyone from punk fans to metal to hard-core even. Basically we are trying to transcend all that past, present and future.
This is your big break with this CD. Before this band, what kind of bands were you all involved with?  

Mostly metal.
Thanks to MTV 2 bringing back Headbanger’s Ball, can we expect the band to shoot a video anytime soon? 

Yes, that is currently in the works.
Not only does the band fuse punk and glam with your rock, but even a little bit of blues manages to make it in your music. “Social Zero” is proof positive of this. I think it adds a little bit of flavor to your sound. Can we expect more blues in your music on future CD’s? 

Yes, that is a big influence for us so that will always play a part.
I am a little surprised here that on this CD that there was really no ballad of any kind. I would have expected at least one power ballad on here. Did you purposely stay away from it or are you just saving it for a future release? 

It's just the way it worked out. We have a backlog of songs and the way we choose them is what works for the over all feel of the record not really the selling points or formulas.
According to the press release, it said that you guys bring a lot of energy to the stage when you perform. Just what exactly will I get when I see Starwood? 

Music being fun again! It is possible you know.
Will you be spending much time on the road in support of this album? 

I hope so! I look forward to spreading the good word that even in these troubled times we live that we can take time to celebrate our lives and feel good inside and just forget all the crap and problems that divide us and just let go even for one night.
When you look at the world of rock in 2004 – MTV, mass media, you name it – what positives and negatives come to mind? 

Positives - You can get anything you want when you want it.
Negatives - You can get anything you want when you want it.
Any closing comments? 
Starwood Rules!

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