Lizzy Borden Shooting in North Carolina 
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March 26, 2001

Lizzy Borden Shooting

On Saturday morning at approximately 2:45 am after playing to a packed house in Charlotte North Carolina, Ulrik Zander, guitar technician for the rock group Lizzy Borden was shot three times in an attempted robbery. Eyewitness (Lizzy) Borden saw one black assailant gun down Ulrik Zander outside of the tour bus before running off into the night. Police have many leads and hope to apprehend the suspect soon. Zander is recovering in a North Carolina hospital from three gunshot wounds. 

"With the blessings from our friend and brother Ulrik Zander, we are committed more then ever to finish what we started, the Deal with the devil tour will continue on as planed. We've endured many obstacles on our return to the road. Including missing opening night in Dallas due to incompatibility with the tours headliner, to the current shooting of our friend and crew technician right in front of my eyes. But I cannot in all good conscience let down the legions of Lizzy Borden fans that drive hundreds of miles all over the states to see the long awaited return of the Lizzy Borden show. We are dedicating the remainder of the Deal with the devil tour to our friend Zander who is lying in the hospital with three bullet wounds, he is truly the man of steal and I know he will be back on the road with us very soon." Lizzy Borden 

The band left for Virginia Beach Sunday morning to continue the tour, but not without leaving Zander with his favorite Motorhead CD's delivered to his hospital bed by two half naked girls. Between the Morphine and the girls, he was feeling no pain. 

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* Update April 3, Zander is out of the hospital but he still have a long recovery in front of him. He will be returning to Los Angeles to rest, until he is able to travel back to Sweden.

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