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LIZZY BORDEN's Guitar Search Continues - July 30, 2003

Recording has begun on Lizzy Bordenís eighth album; Lizzy and the boys are blasting through the follow up to 2000ís critically and fan acclaimed Deal with the Devil. The new Lizzy record is said to be a  "straight-a-head balls out high energy hard rock album".  The as yet untitled release will be out early next year with an extensive world tour  to be announced shortly thereafter.

Never stagnant, Lizzyís search for a replacement guitar player continues.  The response to the initial notice was overwhelming!  Lizzy reviewed each and every entry himself.  Talking from his Los Angeles based studio, Lizzy gave this update on the search for a new axe man. 

"There has been some very well known guitarist who sent in their stuff as well as some soon-to-be-known gems.  I want to thank all of the players who sent in packages.  Most of you we're amazing!  But at this point the slot has NOT been filled. Iím looking for more of a ROCK guitarist rather then a shredder. Someone that would be comfortable screeching out AC/DC type riffs or some old Aerosmith or even some early Kiss! Thatís the kind of player that would fit in well with the style of the new record."  Lizzy also added that fans will be happy with the latest Lizzy Borden offering.  ďThe sound of the new material is fresh but it doesnít forget where the music started.  Your gonna love it!Ē

If you think you have what it takes to join Lizzy Borden, please send your tapes/CDs/Photos/Bio to:

Lizzy Borden Guitar Player
C/o Siren Artist Management
2740 W. Magnolia Blvd
Suite 207
Burbank, CA

Submissions cannot be returned.  If you prefer to email your info, send it to:


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