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Lizzy Borden Back With The Axe Attack! 
-Deal with the Devil-

September 27, 2000

Very few artists are capable of carrying the torch for true entertainment in Rock and Roll. Of course there are the legends, Cooper, Bowie and Kiss. Then there is the incomparable Lizzy Borden. The Los Angeles' Shock rock overlord burst onto the scene with the release of "Love You to Pieces" at a time when rock was safe. The element of danger and tension at a Lizzy show will be the litmus test by which all other attempts at rock showmanship will be judged.

Continuing his tradition, Lizzy's seventh release, "Deal With the Devil," Is an event of epic proportions. Painting dark images of religion, sex, death and the seven deadly sins. "Let's make a deal, by the spin of the wheel or the roll of the dice." This new release is as much a game show as it is a study in human nature.

Recorded in Lizzy's hometown of Los Angeles "Deal with the devil" was produced by Elliot Solomon who like DR Frankenstein brought Lizzy's last masterpiece "Master Of Disguise" to life.

 Never at a loss for words Lizzy Describes his latest foray into debauchery, "It is my paradise lost, my Dante's inferno, this is Lizzy's inferno!" "I get to play the father of lies and a few other hellish characters. This is my immortal journey through hell and back." To capture the essence of the all around madman, Lizzy Borden fan and Multimedia genius 

Longtime Lizzy Borden fan and Multimedia genius Todd McFarlane was enlisted to capture the essence of Lizzy Borden and create the most sinister album art in recent history.  McFarlane is best known for his Creation of Spawn, covers for Korn, Iced Earth, and the re-creation of Spiderman. However this time he has out done himself by illustrating perfectly the "Prince of Darkness" 

"Deal With The Devil" is in stores now!


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