Fan Additions
Fan Additions


Amazing Ink wash painting of bassplayer Marten

                                    Image Copyright by Đ Brooke McKaig-LeRoy

I need more!!!!!!!!!!

i request legacy everyday on stickman radio and they are true gods. I know their music is some of the best i've ever heard, thanx for the kick ass tunes

Newcastle England

Andersson Is a smoking badass on bass.. Seen him on Lizzy's last tour and he was amazing. This band should have a pretty good groove with all that talent.


Troubleshooter - like this one a lot, great classic rock sound, great vocals and backing vocals, superb guitar playing and keyboards!

Mission of Mercy - another great track, I like the heavier sound (I like the way each track gets heavier as they move down the player!), superb guitar playing and great vocals/backing vocals again

Tool - now this is my favorite, nice and heavy and a great tempo, love the thunderous bass! Great vocals, fantastic heavy riffs going on in there, the sound is nice and clear again, absolutely brilliant. You guys are one talented bunch!


Thanks a lot friends from Legacy for this amazing and fantastic CD you sent to me. God bless you all and gives you all the best in your musical life forever, because you deserve it a lot. Stay in Godīs peace.

-Antonio Cesar-

I just got my copy recently! Great CD! There are so many great multi-talents with the guitar and bass riffs and solos. The singer is great, too! He really brings out the lyrics excellently with great emotions, as well as his talented rhythmic vocals. Let's not forget the great drum tempos! I have seen you, Martens, if you're reading this, with Lizzy Borden back in 2001 in Charlotte, NC at Tremont Music Hall. You guys really rocked and stole the show for me. That was such a great memorable night. It's terrible about the technician getting shot later that night, but at least he survived and turned out all right. I would love to catch Lizzy live again! I would also love to catch Legacy live some day. As I said, this CD really rocks, and I would love to hear more from you guys in the near future. Rock on!


I just want to say that I think Marten Andersson is the Greatest bassist on the face of the earth, and that I have been a fan for a while now.

Ontario, Canada

If I had to pick a personal favorite track for me (tho I love the whole package) it would be Varchar, because it's the type of song that when you hear it, you kind of stop what you're doing just to listen to that amazing basswork! Seriously a classical sound going on there! And Bitten reminds me of one of those tunes they play on TV as music for the Olympics ceremonies.


After hearing the Lizzy Borden song - 'There will be blood tonight' I can only say that Marten is the best bassist I have EVER heard, surpassing Black Sabbath's Terry Butler even! I just hope maybe in the distant future I may be able to play a fraction as well as he can, with practice!


Love the music kicks ass

-George Thomas-

Let me say that Legacy is outstanding.

Dukes of Juke

I was in the Yngwie Malmsteen newsgroup and found a link to your site when I heard the sound clips I was amazed by your sound I love it. The music is great.

-Joe Kryner-

Toubleshooter – great guitar riff

Mission of Mercy - Was my fav song

Thank You – Very nice guitar sound!

2.4.1. – thank god, not only shredding but nice melodies too

I also liked the singing on the tracks, a bit rough and more blusey than most powerful metal bands you hear nowadays.

All my Best

-Martin Klinke-

Cartoon Drawing of Marten Andersson    

These drawings are the concepts of Marten Andersson, created and sent in by "Baby" from Taiwan. She is one of  Legacy's biggest supporter and fan.

I must say that I really do love this band, I would just love to see you again and your band alive and kicking. Speak to you soon! Yours Sincerely King of Norrland

-Alberto Nilsson-

Really like the music!! Mission of Mercy really rox!!!! can't wait til i can get the cd!! keep up the great work!! 

Augusta, GA. 

You all sound FANTASTIC! Legacy is going to definitely be one of my new CD purchases very soon... you've got me hooked. :o


Great music esp MISSION. Now I have to get an 8 X 10 glossy autograph picture!!! thanks.

The City of Angeles

 I just got a copy of your new album, I very much so is enjoying it, i hope it will be available for everybody soon to buy.

-Hoshi Karamaki-

Jonas Hansson rules on guitar. I was the first in U.S.A. to hear of him in 1982. HE blew my doors in Silver MT and is doing it again in Legacy. I hope you guy's do 1000000 more CD's faster and with more of Jonas totally great guitar shredding.

-Jason "The Viking" Halvorsen-

Hey I love your music its simply astounding. I'm gonna have to tell all my friends about you and stuff. Well-Just paying a compliment-Oh yeah and heres another one-You guys look SEXY too!*giggles*



What you just saw came from you, the fans!!


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